Welcome to the Eastern Wing

Hi, I am Phil.  Thanks for coming to explore The Eastern Wing…Researching, writing and disseminating blog posts used to be a big part of my life.  As the co-founder of an Internet start up, which sold audio downloadable tours that I had researched, written and had professionally recorded, trying to reach out via the written word on the web seemed a natural thing to do.

But that was then and this is now.  The challenges of running the business proved too much, but if you want to visit the site you can see it here.

My quest for a more regular income and renewed intellectual challenge led me to the classroom,  where I learnt some of the skills needed to teach English as a foreign language, and then as a teacher and trainer for four and a half years.  My first post involved teaching multi-national classes of up to seventeen students at EF, a private language school in Manchester.  The role was challenging and varied.

In June 2013, I fulfilled an ambition of mine to live and work in a German-speaking country when I moved to Düsseldorf.  My role as a Business English Trainer with Marcus Evans Linguarama required me to travel out to blue chip clients such as Bayer (inventor of the aspirin), Metro AG (at one time the largest retailer in Europe and former owner of Makro in the UK) and the energy giant E.ON.  My students ranged from apprentices to senior managers.  Moving abroad tested my mettle and enabled me to improve my German which had been one of my reasons for going in the first place. On the completion of my year-long contract I had the option to extend for a further year, but the pull of home proved too strong.

I returned to the UK and my old job.  Although my commitment to my students never wavered, I increasingly realised that I was in the wrong job. I worked with and taught some fantastic people both in Manchester and in Düsseldorf.  After much deliberation weighing up my options and a couple of conversations with a former colleague, who had done the course, I applied for an MSc in Human Resource Management at Manchester Metropolitan University.  The lectures and the accompanying reading have been good so far, making me feel that I made the right choice.

The East Wing refers to the part of the library on the All Saints Campus where I spend a lot of my time.  (There are a few blogs called the East Wing hence ‘The Eastern Wing’)The idea of being part of something bigger, in this case an East(ern) Wing, appeals; and each day the sun rises in the east, which seems apt for someone starting over.  If you like what you have read connect with me on Twitter: @philnashuk.

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