People buy people before they buy products and services: my five top human centric HR hashtags to follow

Twitter is awash with hashtags, many of which fail because they simply sell a product or service.  It is my belief that the hashtags that work are the ones which bring people together, encourage collaboration and celebrate difference.  Thank you to all of  the contributors who, with the exception of Ian Pettigrew and Dan Maxwell, I have never met.
#HRHappyHour  – a big thank you to SteveBoese, @SteveBoese, co-host of the HR Happy Hour Show

Twitter Bio: “HR Technology Conference Co-Chair, Co-Host of the HR Happy Hour Show and Podcast, Contributor at Fistful of Talent, HR Executive Magazine columnist”.

What came first the hashtag or HR Happy Hour?
The show came first, but the hashtag came really early on. Trish McFarlane (@TrishMcFarlane), who is now the show co-host along with me, came up with the hashtag within the first few shows. So the tag has been around almost as long as the show.

How has Twitter helped grow awareness of your show?
Twitter is a great tool for sharing news about the show. We created the HR Happy Hour twitter account pretty early in the show’s history and it has grown quite a bit to the point of just over 20,000 followers. In the early years of the show we used to broadcast live and there was always a really lively back channel of conversation on Twitter as well, using the #HRHappyHour tag.  [See also @HRHappyHour]

What does the future hold for the HR Happy Hour?
More shows, more top-level guests, and more live shows from events around the US and hopefully beyond. The show continues to grow in popularity and we are really excited for what 2016 has in store.

#connectingHRmcr – a big thank you to Ian Pettigrew @KingFisherCoach

Twitter Bio: Gallup-trained strengths coach providing leadership development/coaching to enable success & resilience. NHS OD Associate, Trustee & LFC fan.
What inspired you to found connectingHRmcr? How successful do you think it has been? How do you see the future of #connectingHRmcr? Are there any other HR related hashtags you would recommend following?
“#connectingHRmcr is part of a loose network of #connectingHR ‘things’ and there is a connecting HR website where you can find more. I started it with Damiana Casile (@Damiana_HR) when we were sat at a connectinghr event in London with a few other Manchester folks and decided we should have our own. There are others in Leeds and York. The future is to keep doing what we’re doing and some of the other things we would have done in the past – e.g. unconferences – we can now do within CIPD, so there’s still a role but it doesn’t have to be a disruptor. #nzlead is great (and Amanda’s book is worth a read), #LDInsight, #adventblogs (at the moment) all worth a follow.”

At the time of writing I am forty per cent of my way through Amanda Sterling’s The Humane Workplace: People, Community, Technology.

#Adventblog – a big thank you to Kate Griffiths-Lambe, @KateGL, the curator of the series.

KateGL's avatar
 Twitter Bio: “Creative Connector, Advisor, Mother/Wife/Friend, Leader, Urban Naturalist, HR. Passionate about enabling people & organisations to exceed their own expectations”.

Who and what were the inspirations behind/for #Adventblog?
The #Adventblog series was initiated by Alison Chisnell (look at the Christmas Day post inthis year’s series to learn more about her, her Twitter handle is @AlisonChisnell). I wrote for her launch of the series and greatly enjoyed reading the other posts, so I and others joined in the following 2 years and for a number of us a tradition was born.

I had got to know her quite well, partially through #HR4MH and so I offered “as a one off” to host in 2014. My approach was slightly different from hers, but still a single theme to which people write bespoke blogs. Last year’s theme was Paths and Perceptions and this years is Comet Tails and Coal Dust. In the past Alison hosted Stories and Stakes in…

2012’s theme was Reflections and Resolutions:… and ran to 45 days, 2011 was entitled Highlights and Horrors:… and I wrote the opening post for her.

What do you think the future holds for #Adventblog?
I suspect that the series will continue as an annual event. People love it because it has nothing to do with work, is a way of enabling a community to create and share something together and it is fun.

Are there any other HR #hashtags you would recommend following?
Other hashtags – #connectingHR #HR are well know as is #ConnectingLandD  Positive psychology is hot and many people use the #3goodthings tag. Steve Browne – an influential HR leader in the USA – has set up #PositiveHR and has started a movement as from 2015.

#Manchesterhour, #Liverpoolhour #Chesterhour etc– a big thank you to Dan Maxwell, Business Support Manager and Social Media guru for Acas North West, @Acas_NW.

Twitter Bio: News, updates and information to support and promote employment relations, management and HR excellence across the North West.


How has using hashtags #Chesterhour,  #Manchesterhour etc helped increased knowledge of what Acas has to offer?
Our aim is to reach as many employers/employees as possible and these business hours are a great way to do that, especially for newer businesses.

Do you have set times for #Chesterhour #Manchesterhour etc or are they event specific?
We have a list of hashtags that we use throughout the week. I tend to schedule these specific tweets on Monday.

How successful do you think it has been?
We’ve had great success, specifically when we promoted a macmillian event through twitter and pretty much filled it before it went live on our website.

Is there a specific time of the week for #AskAcas?
#AskAcas is run from our national account but it’s certainly something we’d like to do specifically for the North West.

How do you feel using Twitter has benefitted Acas?
It’s allowed us to reach people who have no idea we’re here or what we really do. We’ve been able to clarify with people that for every big business we help there are hundreds of smaller ones getting help and advice from us every day.

 Twitter Bio: community leader. Challenger, innovator & creator. Developing digital capability for Auckland Museum. author

I contacted Amanda like the other contributors to this post in December.  She said that I might find the answers to my questions, which were in the same vein as those above, in The Humane Workplace: People, Community, Technology.  I bought the Kindle version of the book around Christmas time.  Owing to my studies, I only started reading it on Tuesday, January 26th.  I thoroughly recommend it. It is one of those books you could comfortably consume in one go if the rest of life did not get in the way.

Amanda founded #nzlead with Tash Pieterse (@TashTasticNZ) in 2013.
“Over 2013 NZLEAD grew from a weekly tweet chat to a community sharing blogs, provoking each other’s thinking (sometimes controversially), collaborating on projects and meeting in real life (IRL). The scope of NZLEAD became so much more than a tweet chat. Business connections were made, employment offers negotiated, and fundamental principles about what human resources, learning and development and organisational development were, as well as how they add value to the business were debated and applied.” Source:

“Our interactions are not about broadcasting opinions or thoughts, but instead about challenging each other’s ideas, learning individually, and building collective knowledge”. Source: 11 per cent of the Kindle version of The Humane Workplace: People, Community, Technology.



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