Thank you Keira

Momentous, divisive, tumultuous, gut wrenching, heart breaking, soul searching, worrying; uplifting, liberating, the start of a bright new dawn.  Depends on your perspective. Time will tell.

Emotions are understandably running high, opinions are split.  The words of Keira Shaw in a post entitled ‘How to be kind ‘ were the single most inspiring, comforting things I read today.

Rubber Band Ball


Whatever our views, we are bound together like a ball of rubber bands.  The delayering, or unravelling if you will, caused by Brexit will fray tempers.  Tolerance, empathy and kindness must prevail.

Keira was eight when she wrote these words:

“Help people out
Say please and thank you
Don’t leave people out
Try to compliment people”.

We must be tolerant of others.  Yesterday would have been the 104th birthday of Alan Turing, a man famed for his codebreaking during World War Two who was persecuted on account of his sexuality.  His premature death is a reminder, if one were needed, of what happens when society is blinded by prejudice.


That is not a United Kingdom of which I would wish to be a part: inside or outside of the European Union.

Photograph of Alan Turing statute taken in Sackville Street Gardens, Manchester earlier today.

Thank you Keira, your words gave me renewed hope and courage to write these words.

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