Green shoots need nurturing

Job searching can prove troublesome, especially for career changers. Getting noticed can be tough. Even when there is something that seems to fit securing an interview can be tricky, especially when recruiters canvass according to a strict criteria of ‘must have’ essentials where role specific experience, rather than looking at aspiring candidates’ potential, takes precedence. Having worked in a variety of sectors and careers can all too often be dismissed as a sign of indecisiveness by those keen to find square pegs for square holes.  Transferable skills can be overlooked.

Every year for as long as I can remember I have bought my mother an amaryllis for Christmas. She is a difficult person to purchase presents for as there is nothing she really wants to have, save an amaryllis.

She enjoys the nurturing process from bulb to full flower which, considering her former profession, as a social worker is perhaps appropriate.  Not a natural horticulturist, I have spent many of my most fruitful working years helping people to communicate their own expertise more effectively.  David Grist from provides an excellent, indepth, yet easy to follow guide to potting an amaryllis.


“Be sure to pack the soil around the bulb, giving the plant a good foundation for when it’s in flower…  Once the plant is in active growth, water regularly and turn the pot periodically to encourage the stalk to grow straight.”  To view the article in full click here

I have been pouring too much water in the wrong place, applying for roles that do not fit my natural temperament and skill set most fully since completing my Masters in Human Resource Management last September. I am a nurturer, a listener, a teacher, trainer and trusted counsel with experience honed in blue chip companies, local charities and in the classroom.  I am commercially minded, adaptable, resilient and have excellent communication skills and coaching experience. I am accustomed to working in teams and with a variety of stakeholders from apprentices to board members.  I am passionate about helping individuals fulfil their potential.  If you are looking for someone who fits the above criteria please get in touch. As Maureen Lipman famously once said “it’s good to talk”.    View my LinkedIn profile here.

If a bulb can prosper in one flowerpot there is no reason to think that it cannot flower in another, particularly if it is a resilient strain. Hope 2017 is a year to remember for you for all the right reasons.  Thank you for reading.


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