Receive free confidential mental health support with Self Help

Feeling alone, depressed and shorn of hope can be debilitating and destabilising. Accessing appropriate mental health support can be challenging.  The purpose of this post is to signpost readers to support that Self Help, @WeAreSelfHelp on Twitter, can provide for people suffering from mild to moderate depression through face-to-face talking therapy to the safe places… Continue reading Receive free confidential mental health support with Self Help

Green shoots need nurturing

Job searching can prove troublesome, especially for career changers. Getting noticed can be tough. Even when there is something that seems to fit securing an interview can be tricky, especially when recruiters canvass according to a strict criteria of ‘must have’ essentials where role specific experience, rather than looking at aspiring candidates’ potential, takes precedence.… Continue reading Green shoots need nurturing

Authenticity carries greatest weight

Why do you want this job? My pre-planned, pre-rehearsed answer was suddenly nowhere to be heard. Worn out by lack of sleep brought about by the arrival of my wonderful baby daughter my mind went blank. My mouth was dry, palms sweaty and, worst of all, my mind had gone blank. Instead of the confident… Continue reading Authenticity carries greatest weight

Mindful souls feed on autumn leaves

Some things can not be summarised succinctly even for those blessed with the knack of being brief. Mindfulness seems to boil down to being able to appreciate the here and now. Enjoying the dawn’s early light, sunshine shimmering on water, the smile of an infant, the embrace of a loved one…        The modern workplace and… Continue reading Mindful souls feed on autumn leaves