Being neither up nor down: reflections on job searching limbo

Oxford defines the word ‘limbo’ as ‘an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition’.  According to this definition ‘limbo’ has neither a negative or positive connotation. Another definition from the same source, Oxford, equates limbo with ‘a state of neglect or oblivion’.  It might seem appropriate to… Continue reading Being neither up nor down: reflections on job searching limbo

Green shoots need nurturing

Job searching can prove troublesome, especially for career changers. Getting noticed can be tough. Even when there is something that seems to fit securing an interview can be tricky, especially when recruiters canvass according to a strict criteria of ‘must have’ essentials where role specific experience, rather than looking at aspiring candidates’ potential, takes precedence.… Continue reading Green shoots need nurturing

Mindful souls feed on autumn leaves

Some things can not be summarised succinctly even for those blessed with the knack of being brief. Mindfulness seems to boil down to being able to appreciate the here and now. Enjoying the dawn’s early light, sunshine shimmering on water, the smile of an infant, the embrace of a loved one…        The modern workplace and… Continue reading Mindful souls feed on autumn leaves

Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms Revisited

On December 6, 1941,  Franklin D. Roosevelt, the US President made his State of the Union address to Congress.  The speech would be remembered as the ‘four freedoms’ speech. Roosevelt the 32nd President of the United States said: “In the future days, which we seek to make secure, we look forward to a world founded upon four… Continue reading Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms Revisited

Resonance and reflection: what really matters to you?

The simplest messages often resonate the most. Twenty plus years ago a local preacher came and addressed my High School year group. His name and the denomination he belonged to have long since escaped me; but the core message of his sermon has not.  The man of the cloth said that we live in a… Continue reading Resonance and reflection: what really matters to you?