Green shoots need nurturing

Job searching can prove troublesome, especially for career changers. Getting noticed can be tough. Even when there is something that seems to fit securing an interview can be tricky, especially when recruiters canvass according to a strict criteria of ‘must have’ essentials where role specific experience, rather than looking at aspiring candidates’ potential, takes precedence.… Continue reading Green shoots need nurturing

People buy people before they buy products and services: my five top human centric HR hashtags to follow

Twitter is awash with hashtags, many of which fail because they simply sell a product or service. It is my belief that the hashtags that work are the ones which bring people together, encourage collaboration and celebrate difference.

It’s not just what you do that counts…

Self-help and motivational literature often rightly accentuates the positives; the things people do well and which have led them to succeed in one field or another in the past. It is my supposition that, in many instances, we are as often defined by what we do not do, as what we actually do. This can… Continue reading It’s not just what you do that counts…

Eight ways to really put the Human back into HR

The head of the CIPD, Peter Cheese, outlined several themes, which are shaping the future of work, in a typically engaging and authoritative speech entitled ‘Putting the Human back into HR’ at Leading the Way, a joint Acas, CIPD and Liverpool Law Society conference at the Museum of Liverpool on December 1st.  I have summarised some… Continue reading Eight ways to really put the Human back into HR

Top seven HR ‘themed’ songs

In need of some light-hearted, non-taxing conference respite?  You have come to the right place.  Here are my top seven HR ‘themed’ songs in no particular order. What do you think?  Sharing with the hastages #HRsongs and #cipd15 on Twitter.  Feel free to play along… Joe Smith and The Believers, Walk A Mile In My… Continue reading Top seven HR ‘themed’ songs

Listen, learn and move on

Listen. Listening to what our customers have to say is crucial. And it is not just the words that count, take heed of the non-verbal clues too.  The following is an example of how I learnt having failed to understand two clients’ strengths. Context is always important. During my year in Germany, I took a… Continue reading Listen, learn and move on