Green shoots need nurturing

Job searching can prove troublesome, especially for career changers. Getting noticed can be tough. Even when there is something that seems to fit securing an interview can be tricky, especially when recruiters canvass according to a strict criteria of ‘must have’ essentials where role specific experience, rather than looking at aspiring candidates’ potential, takes precedence.… Continue reading Green shoots need nurturing

People buy people before they buy products and services: my five top human centric HR hashtags to follow

Twitter is awash with hashtags, many of which fail because they simply sell a product or service. It is my belief that the hashtags that work are the ones which bring people together, encourage collaboration and celebrate difference.

Eight ways to really put the Human back into HR

The head of the CIPD, Peter Cheese, outlined several themes, which are shaping the future of work, in a typically engaging and authoritative speech entitled ‘Putting the Human back into HR’ at Leading the Way, a joint Acas, CIPD and Liverpool Law Society conference at the Museum of Liverpool on December 1st.  I have summarised some… Continue reading Eight ways to really put the Human back into HR

See beyond the stereotype

In these troubled times of heightened tension caused by the terrorist atrocities in the skies above the Sinai desert, the streets of Paris and the luxury hotel in Mali some find it tempting to paint broad brushstrokes condemning whole communities on the account of a shared faith, warped out of all recognition by terrorists hell-bent… Continue reading See beyond the stereotype

Bridge building in Manchester with myHRcareers

“What Manchester says today, the rest of England says tomorrow” was a popular proverb that had its roots in nineteenth century Britain. It was appropriate then, in the world’s first industrial city, that MyHRcareers should hold its first networking event at MediaCity on the transformed docks in Salford on Wednesday, October 7th. Charlotte Hallaways from… Continue reading Bridge building in Manchester with myHRcareers

Welcome to the Eastern Wing

Hi, I am Phil.  Thanks for coming to explore The Eastern Wing…Researching, writing and disseminating blog posts used to be a big part of my life.  As the co-founder of an Internet start up, which sold audio downloadable tours that I had researched, written and had professionally recorded, trying to reach out via the written… Continue reading Welcome to the Eastern Wing