Receive free confidential mental health support with Self Help

Feeling alone, depressed and shorn of hope can be debilitating and destabilising. Accessing appropriate mental health support can be challenging.  The purpose of this post is to signpost readers to support that Self Help, @WeAreSelfHelp on Twitter, can provide for people suffering from mild to moderate depression through face-to-face talking therapy to the safe places… Continue reading Receive free confidential mental health support with Self Help

Mindful souls feed on autumn leaves

Some things can not be summarised succinctly even for those blessed with the knack of being brief. Mindfulness seems to boil down to being able to appreciate the here and now. Enjoying the dawn’s early light, sunshine shimmering on water, the smile of an infant, the embrace of a loved one…        The modern workplace and… Continue reading Mindful souls feed on autumn leaves

Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms Revisited

On December 6, 1941,  Franklin D. Roosevelt, the US President made his State of the Union address to Congress.  The speech would be remembered as the ‘four freedoms’ speech. Roosevelt the 32nd President of the United States said: “In the future days, which we seek to make secure, we look forward to a world founded upon four… Continue reading Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms Revisited

It’s not just what you do that counts…

Self-help and motivational literature often rightly accentuates the positives; the things people do well and which have led them to succeed in one field or another in the past. It is my supposition that, in many instances, we are as often defined by what we do not do, as what we actually do. This can… Continue reading It’s not just what you do that counts…

See beyond the stereotype

In these troubled times of heightened tension caused by the terrorist atrocities in the skies above the Sinai desert, the streets of Paris and the luxury hotel in Mali some find it tempting to paint broad brushstrokes condemning whole communities on the account of a shared faith, warped out of all recognition by terrorists hell-bent… Continue reading See beyond the stereotype

‘Happier pets, happier (and more productive) people?’

The pet retail giant Fressnapf, on the face of it the German answer to Pets at Home, with more than 1,400 stores in twelve European countries, has a novel approach to the dilemma faced by all working dog owners about leaving their four-legged friends at home. Dog owners are allowed to bring their pets to… Continue reading ‘Happier pets, happier (and more productive) people?’